A Mind's Portrait

by Phenome

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released June 18, 2015

All songs written/recorded by Phenome

Artwork by Sirius-SDZ [http://sirius-sdz.deviantart.com/]




Phenome Dunedin, New Zealand

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Track Name: Night Terrors
Tonight, I'll be free
Inside another dream
Consumed by the dark
I'll fly like sparks

When night falls, I'm alive
I'll fly and leave my wings behind
When demons fly on angel wings
Commotion hidden under my skin

Inside this dream
I'll find the truth we receive
Track Name: Sleep Paralysis
As I slip into this dream
These silhouettes aren't what they seem
A strange kind of calm envelopes me
As the nightmares take their places onscreen

Paralysed, fighting to survive
Waging war inside my own mind
My will to escape has been denied
As paralysis grabs my mind

Twisting restlessly
Am I stuck within this dream
Paralysed by something instinctual
This tension grows inside
And terror seizes my mind
A nightmare settles inside my soul

Now I'm on the run with no-where to go
Trapped inside my head, I'm fighting to survive
Trying to run from myself, but I'm always getting closer
There's no way out of here this time

Now I'm all alone
I can't seem to save myself

It's time to wake up
Extract myself from this nightmare
So I'm just holding on
And hoping that there's someone there
to lead me through the darkness
Track Name: A Mind's Portrait
One more minute inside your head
You have to find your mind
Learn to make your way around
Awaken to this life
Seize your instability
before it's gone
We'll burn it to the ground
And carry on

Can you feel your instability?
Can you feel the tension taking over?

Lost without a sense of placement
This asymmetrical design / Deep inside your mind
Lost without a sense of control
Mapping your insanity / A portrait of your mind

Hanging on by a thread
Tearing apart again
Stuck in a coma shell
And screaming through the pain
Breaking down the walls of reality
Breaking down the sense of everything you know

No escape, there's no way out
Paralysed with all your doubts
Falling apart at the seams
Blurring the line between your life and all your dreams
Trying to pull yourself out, and slipping down again
Exasperation growing, as you stumble through this game
Lost inside your mind, stuck inside this hell
Breaking down the walls with nowhere you can run
Track Name: We Rise
Standing on the edge
Waiting, time stands still
Ashes fall like snowflakes
Down to the storm below

Waiting in silence for night to come
Watching time become undone

Tipped over the edge
Souls are falling like dominos
Caught up in the crash of time
It all still seems so ominous

Waiting in silence for night to come
Watching time become undone
Slowly drifting towards the skies
Inside the storm we rise

Searching for the air
Searching for sounds not there

Climbing through the sky towards the sun
Slowly drifiting free of time undone
No longer holding me, the chain has broken
Time is shattered by words not spoken

But time is running backwards and holding moments
Dragged into the maelstrom, through time's new birth
Descending faster and faster
I'm falling back to earth
Track Name: Speak
You're locked away inside yourself
And time is ticking on
No-one can get through to you
How long have you been gone?

Listen to me
Feel my words
You can reach out
Even though it hurts

So now you're isolated
Stricken by silence
While your mind is conflagrated
Inside your stubborn defiance

Not a single word escapes your mind
Your face has drawn a blank
No expressions register
I just hope that you'll come back

But I'm holding on
To what little hope is left
And i hope that you can make it through
As you slowly face yourself, deep inside your head

One by one
Your moments fall away like sand
I know it all seems helpless
But if you call, I'll take you by the hand
So I'll stay here waiting for you
Like something you forgot
Until the day you open your eyes
And see what you have lost
Track Name: Downfall
Voices screaming, fires light up the night
The city burns with neon scars and blazing light
Demolition widespread, nothing to remain
Another revolution born again
Fighting for survival inside your burning creed
Waiting for a chance to strike amongst your pain and greed
Determination setting in, your hearts held cold as steel
With nothing left to lose, and nothing you can feel

Hold on
To your moment
Hold on
Don't let go

Another day has come and gone, and still we wait
With shaking hands and baited breath, the seconds slip away
Our voices echo in the night, and wear upon our sleeves
To the sound of smashing glass and broken dreams
And though it seems there's far to go, we're nearly home
And though it seems like everyone has gone, we're not alone
And far away from where we started, the fight is raging on
Your immolation forges through, until everything is gone

Standing on the edge of oblivion
Staring chaos in the face
Revolution come undone, burning bright
Tearing down all time and space

As the gates of destruction are opened
The colours fly beneath the stars
As the streets run red with the conflict
Leaving nothing behind but scars
All that we know is corroded
Collapsing, decayed and undone
As the dawn breaks and ashes burn
There's nowhere left to run

So I'll wait for the dawn to arrive
But I know that this will be our downfall
Track Name: Visions
Night time comes, and sleeps awaits
Holding me until it breaks
Visions swim before my eyes
Nightmares swirling out of lies
Every time I fall asleep
Another world's surrounding me
I wish that I could wake again
And save myself from visions surrounding

Waiting for morning I'll pass the time away
Dream until dawn, when the visions will fade away

A figure stands before me now
He asks me how I feel
I don't know what I should say
Constantly detached from the real
Every time I fall asleep
The same world spins in front of me
I wish that I could escape
But there's no way until the morning breaks

Waiting for morning I'll pass the time away
Dream until dawn, when the visions will fade away
Visions beyond my control, slowly taking their hold on me
Until the night turns to day

Holding onto life when nothing's left
Shadows creep around me while I rest

Crashing through the edges of my dream
Breaking down the walls of reality
Track Name: Broken Mirrors
Wandering in the darkness
flashes of light illuminate the world
Shining like a thousand reflections
Time and and space become unfurled

Stars fall down like broken mirrors
And shine like shards of broken light

Lonely, in isolation
I found you in the wilderness
You came to me across desert sands
A torch to light the world

Stars fall down like broken mirrors
And shine like shards of broken light
Wandering in the darkness
shine into the sky, illuminate the night
Track Name: While The World's Asleep
Street lights passing over
shining bright into the sky
Distort the light as it falls
Glowing until the morning light

Silence falls on deaf ears
unheard by all who feel it
Burning ears until it sleeps

Until the morning light I will wander
Far from where I started, wandering alone
I'll cross the night, until our last goodbye
are you with me? I’m far from home

Wander without a purpose
Never knowing where to go
Wander until displaced
The confusion never shows

I wander to the edge of beyond
And if you call me I will follow
One last journey in the night

Until the morning light I will wander
Far from where I started, wandering alone
I'll cross the night, until our last goodbye
are you with me? I’m far from home

Out of the darkness into the night
Searching for the world I've never known
Craving answers to the questions in mind;
this life we are shown, I feel like I'm
Clinging to a runaway train
Destination undecided
Waiting for the end
When everything's revealed inside my mind

Underneath this cosmic symphony
I travel in silent wonder
I'm waiting for the moment
It comes crashing down like thunder


Lost in the silence
Immersed in isolation
Frozen still in a moment in time
Caught up in this new sensation

As time carries on without me
The present slips into the past
Caught up in peaceful oblivion
I hope that I can make this moment last

Still I'm walking
Following every winding bend
Where I go, I'll never pre-determine
But before the dawn, I'll reach the end


Reaching through the darkness
Holding out my hand
Grasping my chance to feel alive again

Now the moment's finally here
This downpour inside my head
The wind that blows before the rain

As the stars shine down and light this crooked path
I will follow it until the day begins to break
Like a dream has ended, my senses come to life
I was sleeping, but now I'm wide awake

And now I'm wide awake / the memory remains
And I'll wander far and wide / until I'm home again


Now my journey's ending
My road comes to an close
As the shattered lights illuminate the world
I will know, I am home

The day is drawing closer
And the light begins to spill into my eyes
As the sky is split with fire and new life
And the crack of dawn will break over horizons

And now I'm at the end
The feeling runs so deep
The wonder and elation / and I'll never stop
Walking far from home, while the world's asleep