Stream Of Consciousness

by Phenome

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released December 25, 2013




Phenome Dunedin, New Zealand

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Track Name: Ghost Of Time
Once upon a time, in a foreign land
the death grip of a sinner's words took me by the hand
When nothing's left to live for, and you can see the end
remember everything you've done and live it all again
Travelling back in a memory crash, i saw the past unfold
and you can never change a thing when all you touch will turn to worthless gold
The ghost of time is chasing down loose ends within your past
And everything you hold onto was never meant to last

Fading through the static
And into the light
Everything is fading
from grey to black tonight

Time slips away
Years pass you by
emerging once again
at the point where you arrive
Yesterday calls
But you can't reply
forever escaping
The ghost of time

Inspiration dawning, I followed to the end
And found myself back where I started, the cycle never ends
When nothing's left to live for, and the end is drawing near
do you think of what you love, or let die or disappear
The past spread out before me, I take a different road
and change my path forever as I change where I will go
The ghost of time is chasing down all that I ever did
And finally I saw just what he meant

Fading through the static
And out of my sight
Everything is fading
Into the night
Track Name: Before The Dawn
One more moment in the night
racing towards the morning's light
no clues as to where we go
no more changes left to show

no more time will pass me by
no-one's coming home tonight

terror seizes fragile minds
fear and panic leaves them blind
broken in the shadows now
letting go of faith somehow

no more time will pass me by
no-one's coming home tonight
darkest just before the final hour
and death will come for all of us tonight

The morning bleeds afresh, our hearts put to the test
as gunfire rips the fabric of the sky wide open
The skyline burns with fire, faith and corrupt desire
The shadows fall, the wounded sky is breaking open
Memories crawling back, reality fades to black
As you reminisce of how it was before
Hellish visions, spiteful derision
are all that's left now, of what was left before

Breaking open, war unspoken
The wheel of fortune has turned
nowhere left to go,
and playing with fire just gets you burned

confusion setting in, can't tell where we've been
as disaster strikes again & again
the skyline tears apart, bleeding from the heart
and burning up inside the pain
memories crawling back, everything fades to black
and falls apart at the seams
clawing at the light, stuck inside this night
where no-one hears the screams

no more time will pass me by
no-one's coming home tonight
darkest just before the final hour
and death will come for all of us tonight
Track Name: The Pursuit Of Truth
Stuck in a moment, surrounded by lies
cloaked in the stories, and befriending disguise
No-one knows what to think anymore
No-one can walk the endless road
of the pursuit of truth

An weary journey with no end
A soldier with nothing he can defend
And all these lies that he heard they said
Are all that's left now the truth is gone and dead
All of these lies left to us
All of these truths that are left to rust
When can we hope to be honest
and when will it stop this time?

Fear is gripping our minds and stopping what we say
Just try to carry on and live to fight another day
Carry on; no-one knows what could be found within you
And now we're stuck, forever searching for the truth

Broken in the shadows
The tension's rising once again
And all that's left of promises
Is an empty and forgotten name
All of these lies left to us
All of these truths that are left to rust
When can we hope to be honest
and when will it stop this time?

One more story left to tell
as we battle our own hell
We'll carry on
And we'll reach the time when we have nothing to say
And we'll find ourselves someday

One last time we begin the search
for the truth we crave the most
So we can have something to hold onto
when everything is lost
All of these lies left to us
All of these truths that are left to rust
When can we hope to be honest
and when will it stop this time?
Track Name: Take Your Time
Another lonely home, fading in the glow
Of a life that used to be
It's burning brighter now, growing fainter now
And reality becomes the dream

Lost, but not forgotten
Always flying blind
Never finding where to stay
I cross the oceans in my mind

All I want is a place to call my own
And not a place where I'd waste my life alone
Another day when I feel the same
I'll know that I can go through it all again
So take my hand and guide me home
Cause I know I can't make it on my own
So erase the visions in my mind;
you know that you can take your time

As the seconds slip away, I realise that I'm awake
This lonely home is breaking down
I used to search for a place, where I could rest my mind and stay
And now I'm leaving what I found

So take me with you when you go
And be my light so I can carry on
And guide me to a place where I can stay
I know that you can help me find a way
This lonely home breathes again
But nothing seems to feel the same
And home is where I know that I belong
And I know that you can help me carry on
Track Name: Echelon
Lost inside yourself
Waiting for the end
Battle for control
Dying once again
MIxed emotions conflict
your time is running out
as you fade to black
emotions die without a sound

Forever tangled up
in The dance of eternity

Fighting for control
remember nothing at all
slipping farther down
and screaming underground
the truth has shown the lie
Don't let it pass you by

Feeling myself start to fade
Starting to slip once again
Nothing can slow me down
storming winds rage at me
and I can't seem to breathe
now i'm spinning around
Different layers start to blur
Things aren't as clear as before
now I'm starting to lose myself
Can't seem to keep a grip
And I'm starting to slip
Into my own hell

Waiting for the end
It seems forever since it started
holding on again
and never letting go
Track Name: Stream Of Consciousness: Surfacing
She fades from day to day
the clouds grow near and grey
she never lets herself get clear enough to fade away
she's held in stasis now
but moving through somehow
and nightmares haunt her until she's screaming out without a sound

one more day in this mental prison
will pass the time away
she's always submerged in her own reality
And now she's surfacing again

And now she's trying to recall
whether she was there at all
and she's drifting away
as she begins to fall

Now the clocks are ticking down
the dream prison spinning around
And her visions cloud the world that she's surrounded by
She's drifting in sanity
Waiting to be free
As she breaks the surface underneath a blood-red sky

And as she slowly breaks the surface
Another cycle is beginning
She can't escape from day to day, she feels confused and so afraid
And now the dream begins again
Track Name: Stream Of Consciousness: Floating
You're spinning round, you're falling down
and now you're on the edge
You're wasting time, you've crossed the line
and now you're thinking of what you said
Just take a breath, you'll be okay
If you can come around
Just stay awake, don't let it go
or let yourself fall down

And now you've lost your gip
You're falling somehow
You're losing consciousness
As you're floating down

You're shattering, and everything
is starting to get confused
You're lost inside, your mind has died
And reality's like a bruise
No turning back, and you know that
You're only sinking deeper
Just wait and see, where you will be
when you become the sleeper

And now you're fading through
into your disillusion
and now it's all just like a vision
a twisted hallucination

One more attempt to bring you back
Will only send you deeper
A never ending cycle
As you become a sleeper
And as you float on down
hallucinations twist around you
A deeper stream of consciousness
Is coming into view
Track Name: Stream Of Consciousness: Intercepting
Your thoughts begin come to life
another message coming through
a call to anybody out there
from someone just like you
You're not alone, there's others drifting like you
in peaceful agony
and though you'll never see them pass you by
they'll always give you company

You're intercepting a new transmission from far above
And now you know that you're not alone anymore

You're stuck in isolation
no way to get back home
And all these words come floating down
And make a place within your soul
They comfort you, they take you over
and fill your mind
Messages from the ones
you left behind

You're intercepting a new transmission from far above
And the silence seems much quieter than it did before
And now you realise that the walls aren't quite as close as they used to be
And now you know that you're not alone anymore

But one day, you'll leave this place
and come back to reality
And one day, you'll fade away
and start to come back home again
And one day, you'll leave this place
And come back to your life
And maybe you'll come back to where it started
And you can say hello again
Track Name: Stream Of Consciousness: Descending
Panic setting in / Confusion sickening
Nowhere I can go / Sinking down below
Sense of fear sets in / clutching at my skin
Caught in the undertow
A memory crash takes hold / confusion grips my soul
Forever falling down / never stopping now
Constant motion turns / conflict starts to burn
As I'm falling down

Visions start to blur / my stomach starts to churn
Nothing seems to change / but nothing is the same
The cycle's setting in / I can't tell where I've been
As the never-ending nightmare starts again
I'm slowly breaking down / forever spinning round
I'm losing focus now / and falling to the ground
I can't help myself / it seems I'm losing grip

Slipping through the cracks (and breaking as I fall)
my vision fades to black (can you hear me call?)
And reality's left behind (spinning round and round we go)
There's no escape this time (I can't let up, I can't let go)
Descending far below (into the depths of my mind)
I'm caught up in the undertow (I'm spinning round, I'm flying blind)
Confusion infiltrates my mind (I can't keep my mind on track)
And I leave this world behind (as my vision fades to black)

Fueled by adrenaline / the terror soon kicks in
I'm fighting to be freed
I'm lost inside this state / I can't seem to escape
The darkness imprisons me
Panic gripping tight / holds throughout the night
Which never comes to an end
And I'm falling down / and forever spinning around
As I continue to descend
Track Name: Stream Of Consciousness: Awakening
You start to open up your eyes
And reach out to your life again
You're breaking through the static dream
your cycle's coming to an end
Surrounded by
The people that you know
And now you're starting to fade out
And you're letting go

And now you're slipping back again
And now you're breaking through the pain
As you start to come around again

Awakening, once again
you start to come around
They always thought that you were lost
But you've been found
A moment, stuck in time
when you finally break through
the clocks are ticking down
And it all comes back to you

Now you're a million miles away
You're out of touch and out of mind
And nothing's gonna change you now
You're leaving it all behind
Slipping back to where you were
You're slowly losing grip again
And now you sink into yourself
And the cycle begins again
Track Name: Stream Of Consciousness: Transforming/Grand Finale
As we slowly drift away
we're losing consciousness again
another day has passed us by
and now the clocks are ticking in the sky

the cycle is beginning again
and as we begin to comprehend
the meaning starts to change
and the world begins to fade from grey to black

floating in suspension now
permanently lost somehow
Nothing's left the way it was
And nothing will stay the same,