Ghost Of Time

by Phenome

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Once upon a time, in a foreign land
the death grip of a sinner's words took me by the hand
When nothing's left to live for, and you can see the end
remember everything you've done and live it all again
Travelling back in a memory crash, i saw the past unfold
and you can never change a thing when all you touch will turn to worthless gold
The ghost of time is chasing down loose ends within your past
And everything you hold onto was never meant to last

Fading through the static
And into the light
Everything is fading
from grey to black tonight

Time slips away
Years pass you by
emerging once again
at the point where you arrive
Yesterday calls
But you can't reply
forever escaping
The ghost of time

Inspiration dawning, I followed to the end
And found myself back where I started, the cycle never ends
When nothing's left to live for, and the end is drawing near
do you think of what you love, or let die or disappear
The past spread out before me, I take a different road
and change my path forever as I change where I will go
The ghost of time is chasing down all that I ever did
And finally I saw just what he meant

Fading through the static
And out of my sight
Everything is fading
Into the night


released June 8, 2014




Phenome Dunedin, New Zealand

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